Sometimes Angels Feel Lonely Too


Pretend the pain is gone, that good is demolishing every part of evil. Why don’t you pretend everything’s your long-lost fantasy, the world you’ve been waiting for, your desire you’ve been burning for. The clouds filled with nothing but sunlight and white shattering clouds, your hair illuminating in the light. The horse you travel on from place to place, where no frowns can be found. You should pretend your prince is waiting for you, to hold you. Making your heartbeat intertwine with the steps you take. Everything surrounding you is crystal clear, you’re no longer in the rotted cruel world you called “home”. This may not be no fairytale, but it’s good enough. Pretend you can never cry, pretend people can never hurt you. You can never be invisible and people will always be mesmerized by your beauty. Where no dilapidated hearts can be found, the green grass tickling at your feet. An angel from afar, the wings streaking in the air, your guardian of perfected goodness. That angel can see the happiness in your eyes, and suddenly the universe feels balanced. Imagine yourself married, with your number of choice of children shrieking with laughter outside of your mansion’s backyard. Because all you can have is happiness, laughter and love. Because hatred & anger can’t be produced. Except tears, tears of joy that is. Pretend of a world you can have your time and space, with all the tasteful food you can eat, and all the delicious beverages you can drink. Pretend your prince just whispering every loving word that’ll make you fall in love with him over and over again, because in your fantasy, you can only fall in love with one person. There’s nothing wrong with a little of imagination, there’s nothing wrong with pretending everything is okay. Everything is now in the palm of your hands, only you control your fantasy, only you can control your pretending. There’s nothing wrong with a little happiness once in a while. It’s always there whenever you need it, but if you ever feel the need to cry once in a while, you can always go back home, you have your cruel world, and then you have your fantasy 2 hands away, no need to rush. The fantasy you desire makes time freezes, so you have all the time in the world. Sometimes angels feel lonely too, so you’re not alone even if you feel lonely. There’s nothing wrong with a little pretend. There’s nothing wrong with anything, there’s nothing wrong with happiness, there’s nothing wrong with you.


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