Sometimes I feel like we are
all M&Ms 
Different people on the outside
but all the same inside
sometimes I think about who 
I used to be and who I used
and I wonder if I’m any better 
than who I used to be 
and everyone that used me
sometimes I toss and turn
because my brain is churning
like a thousand seas 
the tide is rising and the sky 
is darkening and my fire
is still burning and 
I forget that I should keep learning
I should keep learning
and reading and becoming better
at earning things from people
not like money
but like trust and respect and love
because when you think about it
late late at night while you look at the stars
that are way way above 
sometimes you think that money
money isn’t all that great
y’know and people
well people are all that great 
and then some
sometimes I think about when I was little
little in height and little in heart
also little in Halo because that game is awesome
but you still have to learn your part 
and that’s what Halo taught me
that you have to learn your part
Mr. Anderson taught me that too
but I was too busy making out
in the corner to retain the information
occasionally I think deep thoughts
that I probably ought to have not thought
but here I am thinking anyway 
these thinking thoughts that I’ve thought
will absolutely not go away
And I think about the thought 
that these thoughts will not leave 
they will not cease and desist 
like the angry protesters they feel like
deep in my heart setting fires 
to cars and churches and wagons and hearses
these thoughts are dark and these thoughts are curses
deeper than black and shorter than verses
Sometimes the thoughts could be worse
they could be about you or maybe something I forgot 
or worse of all…
maybe they stop. 


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