Sometimes we have things to say

Yet we continue to hide them inside for another day

It’s a shame how kids are silenced

With or without violence

It only takes one comment to ruin someone’s day

And somehow they all know what to say

Mean remarks, invalid rumors

And what is their purpose? Simply to humor

They laugh at their jokes

Their favorite thing to do is poke

To poke at your innocence, for they have none

What’s the harm they say? It’s only for fun

Their fun is your hurt, your hurt is your end

You have things to say but no one truly listens

They say you talk a lot, they don’t understand your reasons

Your silence at home and your silence at school

They laugh at home and they laugh at school

Does the humiliation end? Only if you hide in your room

Sometimes you have things to say

Yet you continue to hide them inside for another day…


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My community



I was having a really rough week at school. I was receiving rude remarks and comments all throughout the week and I didn't know how to handle it. So I did what I always do, I fired up my computer and let my fingertips do the work. What you see here is an unrevised poem. I rarely ever revise them because I don't want to get lost in the process of having the perfect poems. Perfect poems lack emotion whereas my poems may be flawed but they are raw and from the heart. I hope you enjoy it; however, I hope you cannot relate. Stay happy because school is only temporary and so are those bullies. 

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