Something to Remember...

She is a wife, a treasure that should be beloved!
From the ground, she walks on to the air she breathes above

She is a mother, a precious gift!
Without her, life would not exist

She is a friend, never to be bought!
No amount of money could ever come to thought

She is a sister, so valuable!
Should cherish her at every moment

Through her pain, she laughs and helps comfort you
When you are struggling, she helps you through

However, yet, all we do is complain steady increasing her pain
Leaving her feeling nothing but stressed even depressed

Pushing her away without thinking twice
Not caring for her, not there to wipe away her tears as she cries.

She was mentally, physically beaten and abused.
Minimizing her pain telling her she is nothing, and will always be used.

She swallows her pride, puts all her feelings aside.
As we need to do to be free.

They say bitch, slut, hoe...
Reply with pride and dignity; I am not!

You can call her nothing but,
A Strong, Educated, Loving, Caring, Giving, Surviving, Understanding and Powerful WOMAN! worthy, beyond worthy

Thank You!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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