"Something New"

I lift up my hand slowly giving it away to the kind gentleman in front of me,

Without little thought I pull my hand away, glancing up at the mystery man,

Arrogance is wicked and misunderstanding isn’t polite.


Tension strikes the room between the two,

Everything seems so right and mysterious yet elegant,

Unspoken words exchange between each other.


How did it happen? I ask myself briefly...

Could it be a true meaningful connection? Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking,

The feeling I got from his soft, warm, and gentle touches made my heart melt.


When we you look at me, I know there is something special amongst us,

The way you presented yourself without a word made me ever so speechless,

Wishing for a chance to escape and be alone together intrigues me.


Not only does the dream of love float around in my heart,

It’s in the eyes of my adorer who loves me deeply,

I close my eyes and imagine it all over again.



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