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She moves so swiftly her paws kissing the ground. Her eyes switching left and right trying to find prey. She is pure white, fur thick and glossy nose as black as coal and her eyes gleaming crystal blue.
Sometimes I can't tell if I'm falling in love with the person or the moment. Sometimes I wish I could still dwell in my depression with you. It felt easier. At least I wasn't alone.
I am alive. I eat, I breathe, I sleep.  Constantly checking my phone,     Facebook notifications from an ex that doesn't deserve my time,  but I give it to him anyway,  cause' I am alive. 
You've been here a while, yet you do not recall, the wind being always there.   Today you now truly see what you've been missing, while you were regressing.   You wonder why and think.
We live in a world full of desperation and fear   Where politicians and leaders play dirty to stay on top, Where the well-off fool themselves into a false sense of secrurity,
We ruined them.   People say things without a care in the world, Altering the meaning of our words. Powerful words turned into meaningless phrases, "I love you" turned into "I like you",
All my life, People asked me what I wanted to be, What I aspired to, What I want to do. At first, I was like every child in the world, Wide-eyed, full of hopes and dreams... And then, I grew up...
It's easier to fool yourself than face reality. People bash on society to hide the truth. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" It's a bunch of bullshit
She was keeping out of sight so well I almost missed her, but then she made one oversight, when he moved closer to the fight and stepped through a thin shaft of luminous starlight.  
On a daily basis there's a question that raises as i go through the book of my life just turning pages amazing from chapter to chapter I see disaster, tribulations, new mercies that God has demonstrated
How am I and how are we unified, the faces we produced and the clothing we prepare coagulate with our desire to work, to function together through our internal and external dances we unknowingly choreograph. and that it..
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