Something I would say

Thu, 07/23/2015 - 09:51 -- Alexie

"Something I would say:

Sometimes We forget who we are,
Where we were from,
When we try To reach the stars afar
And we Realize what's going to come is a storm 
No rainbow can happen when there's no rain
Pleasure and SUCCESS isn't an elevator
You need to work, work AND WORK
Face the struggles and the pain.
Plus, Nothing is made for you,
Your future, Your lover, Your family,
You create something from nothing.
Nothing is a gift that we think is useless
I know in your vacant mind you might be clueless on what i am trying to say
But it's more extraordinary than that.
Nothing is the start of everything.
I'm no expert. But, do think about it. God gave us hands for creating, loving
Producing, sculpting, painting, drawing, writing, and helping
Don't loose hope if your hands cant produce something beautiful.
I mean- Einstein is also a person who had a hard time walking when he was a toddler.
Same goes for celebrities. Yes, they went through a lot of NOs before they got to were they are. Gordon Ramsay probably made raw pork before he became a masterchef.
I bet Da Vinci also had a hard time drawing a box when he was a kid. There is no such thing as "born to be good at something". There is only TRAINING and PRACTICE.
If you think life is a race, we need to finish, and you are left behind already, do not worry. We are here to run beside you. Never think you are alone. Because there are about 6 billion people here in Earth, who suffer worse than you. The weak. The poor. The one's with diseases with no cure. Hand and hand they fight even though the ending is still the same. Sometimes it's better to just remember this moment. No past nor future. Just this. So, drop the blade and sigh. There is a world out there for you, waiting for your voice to be heard. 
What do you say?"


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