Something I Wanna Say

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 04:15 -- Tomatoe


Hey Mom, hey Dad it's your only girl again.

I know I've caused you...well a fair share of pain.

Now bear with me,

This isn't easy..

Please just sit...

Wait for me to catch my breath.

Don't look concerned, I havne't said it yet.

Let's break the ice with a question, one nice and simple:

Do you belive gays deserve the same rights as people?

I hope you said yes,

I mean I've been trying my best.

But mom, dad...what if i told you I'm not 100% straight?

Don't look at me like that, I'm not gay.

But I do like girls, boys too...

And I feel like I'm disappointing you.

I know you'll say that "but you've always like men!"

Yeah, it seemed like that, but think again.

Whenever you talk about people like me,

Well...I see this harsh reality.

I've seen the hate and judging in both your eyes..

I just didn't want to be something you guys dispize.

Mom, dad I'm not gay, straight, or bisexual.

I'm this strange mix called "Pansexual"

It's an attraction to all genders, not matter the parts.

Because honestly, I only look at their hearts.

I'm sorry mom. It's just another thing to make you cry

I'm sorry daddy. I just couldn't bear the lie.

The last thing I wanted was to tell you the truth.

But the truth, it has a way of coming out.

Funny that's what this poem's about.

So mommy, daddy...

I love you both.

I'm not asking for you to accept me,

But that's what I would like the most.


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