Someone Special

I came from a place, not too far away, 

I grew up, always having, wanting, something to say

I can't say what I think, I'm deprived of what I need, 

I needed love, was it so hard to see?

But I see now, I may not be seen, nor may I be heard,

But I am special, far too clever with my words, I still long for the day

Where I voice my opinions, with no one judging me, I pray,

But I am someone special, in my own way, as I try to brighten, not yours, but

Also my day, I am someone special, who will change many people's ways,

I'm someone special, willing to change the world,

For I came from grief, loneliness, and mistakes, I know what this world needs,

It needs me, and I'm here to change the world

This poem is about: 
Our world


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