Someone Should Help Them

Kids are becoming thugs,

don't you see them doing drugs?

See them, smell them, almost taste it on your tongue.

They shouldn't do this, they're so young!

All of those brain cells being lost,

and not to mention the cost.

It isn't good for you,

and it isn't free,

don't they see those people,

getting arrested on TV?

Someone should help them,

help them to stop,

their downing drugs like soda pop!

It isn't a game,

and it won't gain them fame.

They're throwing their lives down the drain!

Without it they have a higher potential,

that they know this is essential.

With every drug they take,

there is more of a chance that they may break.

It might be fun,

but it certainly won't help them run.

Neither will it make them smarter,

this is their life,

so they shouldn't barter!

The kids say that they are fine,

but you will see with time,

it isn't helping and it isn't a joke,

watching those kids lives,

go up in smoke.


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