Someone once told me: " Leave


Someone once told me: " Leave abstract words to the politicians and religious figures to fatigue."

What I have gotten from that:

Abstract words are a waste of time.

Time is money. Life is a debt, and we're all just trying to get spent the best we can.

Years of conditioning. Here I am. 

Dipping a sponge into the same soapy filth. 

How do I know what is clean from what is not?

Does it really matter? Are these influenced thoughts?

...Tv always taught that our outsides reflect our insides.

Well, my insides told to throw my Tv out.

It incessantly talked in circles; A static ride on tilt-a-whirl state of mind.

Pumping the subconcious with images, audio to keep you from a realization.

We are all slaves to the spiral. 

All together: I am a perspective of a projection of a collective.

There is an I in all of us.

Some people just need more guidance to find that love.






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