Solving the rain

When it rains sometime it is good and bad, half the time you have to solve the rain. It's mind over matter sometimes it can bring pain from the past and or make you feel better. When it rains it's romantic to kiss under the rain it's such a beautiful bliss. When it rains it's motivating to work out getting wet pushing yourself to the limit busting a sweat. Playing sports under the rain feeling the pain making you stronger. No pain no game. When your feeling down or ashamed look out the window and count the rain drops or listening to some blues or some soft tone love songs  take all the sorrow away. Somethings can get fade away follow your dreams. Solving the rain is good it's like the world is evolving. Facing the pain you leave behind in the past making you understand the weather revolving around you. Rain sometimes is not a bad thing, it makes you figure things out when your mad or sad. The rain is a beautiful thing it keeps evolving every time, it is peaceful.
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