Solve for X


Here's a problem to solve:

You're given a set of numbers and rules,

Expected to manufacture meaning from it all.

Deliberating decisions isn't always a choice,

They rule out what is right, and require you to comply with their whims.


(1/2) Xˆ2 –1= (1/2) Yˆ2 –1


To simplify things, as they might say,

 You must sum yourself up,

Add one accomplishment after the other, balance and polish the product.

After all, you’re supposed to be a leader,

With all of the AP’s, anomalies, and activities that you are told to have.


(1/2) Xˆ2 = (1/2) Yˆ2


Then they may imply,

“Go big or go home. In life, it’s double or nothing.”

Big expectations, big ambitions, but tough luck if your tests don’t improve,

Your Principals, they SAT though their tests and got their ACT together,

Why can’t you?


2 = Yˆ2


Maybe you aren’t a rocket scientist,

A patron saint, or even a 3.0 student?

Maybe you should appreciate yourself for face value and find the root of it all,

Grades, rank, and quantities are the limits of the function you exist in,

Be your own product, regardless if that’s rational, or irrational.




You are not just a number,

Identity is immeasurable, your X factor is what makes you exceptional,

To succeed is but one step, to learn is a whole other journey,

In bringing about boundless thought, the quandary unravels itself.

Answers are sometimes the questions you should have been asking all along.







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