The solution is never dying.

The solution is never dying.

Look up at the sky can't you see that you're flying

around the sun, just so fast, a blink of your eye and the stars fly past.

And this big blue marble could shatter like glass

From a little tiny rock. Just a pebble in

The grand idea of this fruity world we're living in.

So don't sweat the small stuff

If you go cuckoo do so for Cocoa Puffs

And if you're coconuts,

just remember you're on a sandy beach and you're hard as fuck.

And if you fall, well that's okay.

You'll crack a few heads while you're down on your way

but you'll never give up, and you wanna know why?

You've got your soft and squishy parts hidden deep inside.

And they're never gonna crack you. Hell no.

Cause you're an otter with a rock who's crackin open shell bones.

No thumbs but you're still using tools

Smashing selfish shellfish like the Hulk on these fools,

And I'd like to reccomend that you kick them in the jewels

But the jewels are you cause you're as hard as diamond,

Hiding in the rough while they're Lonely as the Island.

That your palm tree home is growing on

Showing everybody else that you can keep on going on.


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