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-An original poem by AnnMarie Corpuz

softly singing, always
pouring heart and soul into these words
but no one's listening
no one can hear me singing
and so I'm screaming - begging,
crying out to be heard, these words
yet they still don't hear me,
why don't they hear me?
Can they even see me?

...I reach out and say
"I'm right here," -but nothing-
"Please don't leave me" - but they always do
There's no one to listen
to all the things I want to say...
And I just want to say that "I'm glad you're here"
-but no one is here.
No one is ever here to listen
to my silent screams,
muffled shouts.
These songs and words
-my words-
they fall upon deaf ears

It's maddening, this loneliness
the feeling of not knowing where to go.
Not knowing where
or why
or how.
But I'm going to face the world alone, and
it's so frightening, so chilling
because there's no one and
I just wish there were someone who would,
would take the time to sit down and understand.
I'd only need five minutes.

Maybe it's my fault for
being so reserved in
the way I speak,
the way I dress,
the way I act-
is that why then don't see me?
Is that they won't hear me?
But I'm right in front of you!
I'm living!
I'm breathing!
...or am I not really living?
...or singing?
Could it be that I'm not singing?


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