Here we are, wounded and scared.

With fear in our hearts and confidence in our eyes we run for cover as the bullets fly by.

Flash back to a young lad on the living room floor, as his eyes lit up at the commercial he adored.

It echoed "Army Strong," and his little heart knew it wouldn't be long.


Growing up with his hand over his heart, he and the American flag were never far apart.

Now he's a man, and he fights over in Afghanistan.

His best friends are targets in a foreign land, ducking their heads, knowing they're in high demand.

With a prayer in their heart, all the men know this is just the start.


It's bright and hot where the days just begun, as all his friends march back and forth with rifle guns.

The equipment is heavy and  these men know the true definition of being sweaty.

You might think the days over, but it never is, as he hopes to wake up without having lost friends.


The night was freezing cold and when he lay down to rest he found his body felt broken and old.

He starts the day again without barely a wink of sleep, and he counts the heads to make sure he hasn't lost one of his sheep.

He uses backpacks for pillows, and the hard ground for a bed, but when he wakes up he won't complain because he isn't dead.


You won't find a single person here with a selfish heart, for a single man the whole unit would go back and restart.

There's no man that's left behind, cause they have each other's back when they are in a bind.

When our soldier arrives to the states, he's broken hearted that his unit is at the starting gate.

Without fighting by his friends this soldier knows his road soon ends.


With pride in his eyes he'll always stand tall, until on his last day, as a soldier he'll take his fall.

Now our beloved soldier goes in the ground, buried with his gun, to the war will his heart be forever bound.


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