That day

When I turned on the TV

It was all

Meant to be

Watching I didn’t know

How I was going to grow

Meant to grow

Thrown into a world of psychedelic hippies

And peace

And the age of aquarius

My body heated to a level

Then I started to cry

I had never felt so alive

The music, the time, the art, and the people

I want so badly to be there at their festival

Festival of love

My soul has never felt this way

I have never seen this world before

Noticed this world

The world we call the 1960s

The 70s

The whole 20th century

My horizon was broadened

My future was brighter

I felt wise, enlightened

I felt like I was in a dream

I am an old soul

I have done this, been here before

I have heard the songs and met the people

This is who I am meant to be

I cannot explain into words

I cannot form the sentences

My heart beats fast as a burst of nostalgia and déjà vu fills my soul

Fills my eyes

With tears

Of joy

Nostalgia is remembrance

It makes me so happy

As I dive into the Beatles, The Monkees

I find The Andrews Sisters and Sinatra

Though I still love the Black Eyed Peas

There is something so soothing about

The Opera

The 80s

Oh what a wonderful time it must have been

Right there at the top of that hill

At Woodstock

At the Summer of Love




SOL= Summer of Love

Old Soul= ME

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