Society's Standards


We are often told that we aren't good enough

But who are they to judge?

I am just as good as a diamond hidden in the rough

I don’t live to society’s standards


I am a child of God, I am worth it

I live my life for me, and nobody else

But who on earth is perfect

What counts is that I am content, and  I don’t live to society’s standards


Material items does not  make me better

Being skinny doesn’t change my identity

I just want to be the world’s next trendsetter

I don’t live to society’s standards


We will all leave this earth one day

Do what you please in happiness for yourself

Don’t be remembered for the person who stood astray

Who did you live for yourself or others?


Are you often focused on what others would think?

This world is built to make you a better person

Did the things they said, saw, of felt leave you distraught

I don’t live to society’s standards



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