Society/High School

Listen to me girls,

Listen to what I know,

Listen to the information that I have gathered as I come and go.

In todays society,

Bullies run our schools,

Drugs. Alcohol.

These things determine if you’re cool.

In todays society,

Love is nonexistence,

Especially in young romance.

Everything is based on sex.

Boys aren’t taught respect and love,

So we have learned not expect it from them.

Girls are mean and spread rumors,

Ruining lives of once best friends.

In todays society,

Beauty is unattainable,

Photoshop and picture editors rule the world.

Girls have to be petite and girly.

And boys have to be tall and manly.

But don’t let it bring you down,

Because in today’s society,

With the right attitude and the right tools,

You can overcome anything that gets to you.


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