Society of the Spectacle

eyes plastered up can't see

petty brained fucks encompass you and me

encircled and closed outside to in

crash that shabby ass shack to no end

heavily indoctrinated heavily intoxicated

institutions left you disillusioned abruptly tossed into destitution

inverted perspective no longer deny your periphery

finally clearly see hell exists here on earth

ascension never in the mission willing devils propagate dragging every soul with them

only the skeptic's delusional

grandeur pervades escape any illusional

never needed your help castrate myself Christ complex pedigree

shaded vision clear to see it's not you it's me

unveiled it's you and me

dilated gleam glean fuck you fuck me

prefer to simply be

shackled and chained contorted limp limbs mangled

interiors crawling outsides gnawing

exist to imprint blood stained initials on the aluminum

bleached right off your baby shit too soft

hannibaled corpse no desire to play

not first not last don't even fathom picking me

greys took hint camouflaged oppressor nature green

burn made off scheme offer no serene in its stead induce dreams

don't bother me

only syllables I need

smear my fecal on all three of these shitty ass walls

no matter to me

no end to this degree

no end to this game

no end to this pain

no pain no gain

gotta pay to play

gotta play with the lame

real name of the game:

all die in vain


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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