Society Kills


At the edge

Closing your eyes

Your hands together

Hoping that one day, life

Won’t have to be a constant fight

Battle for peace? Hating others

To make yourself feel better?

When was this a necessity for

Society to run…why should

Others pain, fuel the happiness

Of society > Do you think that

They are better than the rest?

Do you think they realize that

Words in fact can hurt people,

Everyday ending their very own

Existence because they simply do

Not believe that they are worthy

Of living anymore, they somehow believe

That they are not able to live up with the

World of today: that is not even the worst of it…

There are people out there that hurt themselves, abuse

Themselves, and disrespect themselves to either cope with the Pain or they are

Just trying to fit in with today, is it worth it? No one is perfect…do not let society  

Choose who you are… so next time think about

Your pros, not your cons. You are great

At Just being you. All your praying may

Not solve all the problems in the world

…but sharing your love and wisdom

Can cause a ripple effect in others…

And just maybe they will pass it on.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



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