Society: Expectations Be Damned

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 04:16 -- Tamimi

Why do people insist on doing things their own way?

Why are we condemned to be what society sees as fit and just?

Too many people follow along the paved path

Too many condemn themselves to society's restrictions

Society defines me as a statistic. As a mark to what they believe to be certain

I am damned by their expecations and I'm trapped by my own

Socitey says that because I am black and a woman, that I am not to succeed

And what if I refuse to conform to society?

Then they damn me.

They damn me because I have succeeded.

And they damn me because I have shaken their foundations

I am the outcast

I shed off their hostilities and rejections like a new skin

And I wear my success and pride as armor on the battle field

If we are to survive, we must do so on our own terms

For that is what has made life worth living

The world will exile what it cannot control

However, if you are brave enough to walk the path alone

You have already reached the end

Society will never accept what it does not understand

But the bravest and the wisest souls have already come to the all important conclusion:

If we live not according to our own principles, but to what society says are to be our principles, then we are truly living in a hell on earth.




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