Let me tell about society 

We may not have slavery anymore, but our minds are still in chains 

If I had to Estimate Approximately 154 years ago slavery ended 

But we still have police brutality, they want us to be

 Rational about it, to compare Black and White people we are so called Less Than white people they try to make a Difference 

Kids will never know education wasn’t free 

Slavery they didn’t learn the Pythagorean Theorm, or knowing the Vertex or even the Perimeter and Area

We came from Kings and Queens & all we care about now is material things 

Life is like an unsolved Equation that you will never find the Sum to- A Constant Slope and a

Never ending Liner line

Schools today are teaching that only England had Royalty but the Origin of royalty 

Came from African Americans 

To Simplify it more they only teach what they

Want us to know, So society can Function better 

I feel like that’s Irrational  

                    But then again society is like Coordinates that aren’t Intersecting  

Then more than Annually Data show that  more 

African Americans are in jail

Than any other race

They don’t calculate the Weighted Means 

Of why that race is the main ones in jail that don’t Interest them 

But our Blackness is Contagious 

We can’t let that slip away 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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