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Eh? woke up
this Thursday morning
with my finances
shaking the walls

some nice hoser lady
had given me a call

and left a message
right on my phone

she talked
also, very nice and slow
it was all so very proper
Don't Cha, know

she called
mixed it up
like i was
in business
with Al Capone 
like it was
a for sure thing

she said
they got my
loonie and my toonie (Canada money)
and they ain't
coming, home

so i scratched
my head
right under my
toque/tuque (cap/sleeping bonnet)
and kissed
a drop of Mickey (375 ml alcohol bottle ) (don't drink yet, lol)
right, into my DOUBLE DOUBLE (Tim Hortons coffee )
and Timbit, my donuts holes

and give
that internet
a Give'r,
of, a cat call

and what the
Kerfuffle! (hell!)

"Hey" I don't know anyone
in Deloraine, Manitoba
western Canada

wow! That's so cold!

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My country
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