So You Say You're Not Playing

You tell me that you’re “Not going to play this game”

What the hell does that mean? You’re declining nonexistent invitations to nonexistent games now?

NOT going to play.

And they say that you’re not crazy.

NOT going to play.

Even if I was trying to “play a game” with you, why wouldn’t you accept the invitation? After all, you make all the rules (as you so often remind us).

NOT going to play.

“The bell is just a suggestion. I decide who’s tardy.”  That is, like, the ULTIMATE game, Ms. B.! Your attendance list is a botched up game of Russian roulette!

NOT going to play.

Ms. B., the truth is, you’ve been playing games for years.  But I just I'd remind you that next June, I’m going to be interacting with real, mentally-stable grown-ups.

NOT going to play.

And you’re going to be stuck here with the same deck of worn out-cards that you’ve stacked against students for decades, trapped, playing a game that, although you “make the rules”, you will never win.

Have fun “not playing the game”.


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