So tired

The new school year is already biting me.

can't seem to get the hang of chem,

and can't seem to land a good pre calc teach.


I am not failing any classes,

but to me,

it feels that I am failing everything.


Just started a job that is fast paced 

and it takes so much concentration.

"smile at the customers"

when I am so,

so tired. 


Taking a college class isn't helping.

Haven't been able to ace anything.

So tired by the time I get to that class,

I just want to sleep.

So tired.


Missed the bus today because

I had to talk to one of the club teachers.

Why am I joining a club again?

don't I have enough to worry about?


My relationships with people have seem to weaken.

My friends from last year have grown farther apart.

feeling so stressed out does not help.


I go to bed every night at 11, to get up at 6.

I Know I am not getting enough sleep!

Don't want to get up...But I have to,


No one seems to get the fact that I have 

clubs, sports, work, college classes, and still

have house things to deal with!

So Effing tired these days...

so tired,

just want to lay down...

and never wake up.

so Tired.

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