So Tired

I’ve never been so sure that I’m tired

It seems that something happens every week

Just like the first time you ignore me

But as time passes, it hurts even more

I forget when it became unbearable

I just know that I’m falling down

I’m falling so fast

I know I won’t catch myself

I can’t wish to fall into your arms

I know you won’t be at the bottom

You can’t see past the smile

But these tears are for you

At night I struggle to breathe

But you won’t see that part of me

I’m positive that you don’t know how to help

You are just to blind

And I don’t want to explain

So I take it all this pain

Sitting in a painful silence

I just want to scream out

And tell you all that I need

But something in me speaks

It says you don’t care

I open my eyes and realize that its true

And right now I know for sure

I’ve never been so damn tired.


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