So This Is Me. . . .

Take a left then a right; look up, and than around

Everyone sees greatness while I’m staring at emptiness

“Girl, pick your head up” is been pronounce more then the times,

 I’ve actually lifted my chin up

I’m nothing more then a shadow in dark, Unknown and alone

Some clammy skin with tears under my dry mascara eyes

Disappearing among a big crowd

Camouflaged behind a sweet laughter

Between my cheesy smile and high cheek bones

Waiting to be heard and comfort

Take my cold hand and warm it up with your body if you dare


I’m nothing more then a duck in a pond where swans are swimming

Always-darker then a night without the moon shinning

Something so ordinary like a wooden pencil in a classroom full of mechanical ones

Rip hope out of me and I am nothing more then a hopeless soul

Waiting desperately for help from my lord above


He gave me one of biggest hearts along with the most vulnerable one

I can’t seem to be mean at all towards anyone around me

The Damsel in distress always crying in a silent corner with a blade among her skin

“Anyone can hurt her”, she said with an evil-assertive look

Without knowing and analyzing the truth behind her statement was another

Another . . . scar on the skin left unharmed on her right thigh

Waiting calmly on the right person to pick her up the ground

The only thing she’s been waiting on this whole time, was to be found


She came to realized that the only hand that should be willing to help is her own

Look down upon myself only to get her back up

The girl with dreams out of this world, waiting to show her true glow

No more hiding under fake smiles and torn chuckles

Its time she allows herself through the dark hole onto the light

The light, in where she truly belongs

Where the real her will shine through and among all

Its time she becomes what she’s meant to be

The warrior that fought with her own skin is long gone, Now comes a new her

The one that will not lose hope or break down and relapse once again

Its time to set real goals for the hero she’s inkling towards 

The one that will turn sick kid’s frowns into smiles and their deaths into hoping lives

That’s what she’s meant to be and what her future beholds






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