So It Seems


About the Poem : Environmental Degradation makes me upset.


Look outside, see the trees.

Watch the flower dance in the breeze.

Isn’t it nice to live at ease? So it seems.


Take a closer look...

it’s noted in the books that it was once much more beautiful, green and clean.


Take a closer look…

the broken bottles and charred pieces of glass,

wadded up newspapers tossed on the grass.


Take a closer look…

at what they put in our food,

poison and insecticides that we call good.


Take a closer look…

the smoke stacks choke the sky,

its a poison that we shrug by.


Take a closer look…

at rising temperatures and polluted water all at a price,

the habitat of the polar bear is disappearing as fast as melting ice.


Look outside, it seems to be it at ease.

Take a closer look now or it will too late.

Nature will be gone in no time at this rate.


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