So Dream Away

So Dream Away

By Elizabeth Dresdow


What is a Mind?

What makes up a mind?

Does it have infinite possibilities?

Can it take one on adventures only one can dream about?

Scary, funny, fun, sad, and maybe a little dirty,

The mind is a very stimulating place.

It can make visions so vivid that will have you shaking in bed

Or smile because you can feel the pressure of someone’s lips on yours.

Break your heart.

The mind can create things,

Take one on adventures to the beach,

Or a jungle, a foreign land,

Maybe land a part in a musical or movie,

Meet your favorite author when you publish your first book.

Perhaps, you get to meet the man of your dreams,

Conversely, dreaming about your long-time actor crush,

Slay some orcs, and imagine walking into Aslan’s How,

Fly the Tardis, play in Andy’s room with your favorite toys,

All the places you have read about in books can come true,

Perhaps, even fixing the endings because they weren’t satisfactory,

A mind can be an astounding, miraculous place,

Taking one on the best adventures even though they aren’t real,

Just figments of the imagination,

But still, very real for a young child’s dreams,

Playing tricks, being devilish, smiling and cry, scaring,

Making you who you are,

The mind of a writer,

The mind that takes me where I wish to go,

In my dreams, on paper, creating a world only I can visit,

For my dreams are my own,

And when I wish to escape,

All I must do is open a portal into my mind,

To visit the characters I have come to love,

To go with them on adventures,

That only my mind,

My own special mind,

Can take me.

So Dream Away.



This poem is based off of my mind and all the things I think of. :)

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