Snowy Mornings Ending


I wake up,

another morning,

so cold,

getting up from this warmth that surrounds me,

feels like taking a plunge into a world of no warmth.

Stepping outside into the freezing early morning, 

the stars are still outside,

as if it were midnight.

I watch them as they take baby steps across the sky,

they're moving slower than anything in the world, 

but I can see them move.

The sun begins its rising,

the sky lightens,

from a deep navy blue eventually moving up the colour spectum of blues,

to the most beautiful shades of blue your eyes can behold.

The sky so beautiful, a picture would not capture all the beauty.

White clouds hold their positions in the sky,

ready to veil the world once more with a crystal blanket.

I see the snow covering the outside world,

everything so still, silent,

as if time itself had stopped.

These morning I cherish the most.

They seem to stop time,

yet time seems to move too fast.

These times will soon come to an end.

Because the Earth is changing,

soon there will be no more snow to enjoy.

Until then,

I will relish the feeling of snow,

I will hold these memories dear to me,

and I will tell the younger generations what it was like to feel a snowy morning.

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