Walking the streets with my head hung low.

I feel so bad it seems I've lost my way,

Burned bridges with loved ones, If I click my heels where do I go?

I've hit rock bottom, nowhere below.

I can't seem to keep these urges at bay,

For those little white rocks that look like snow.

I miss my family and home, it seems so long ago.

I miss the bed where my head used to lay.

My healthy daughter, oh! How she used to glow!

I was warned things that I already know,

But I couldn't resist the dancing colors; a cloud 9 ballet.

I know better, I just can't let go.

I felt it take over, everything was slow.

The world around me began to decay.

Where I went I just don't know.

I need help before I'm six feet below,

because it seems I've just lost my way.

For now I walk these streets with my head hung low.

If I clicked my heels, where do I go?


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