Snippets of Time


I trust my grandmother is well
Soaked in Irish rain, potatoes, mountain views
"You will come visit sometime won't you?"
Shrill sounding smokers cough, my young ears
Ignorant to late grandmother's wishes
Still high off the memory of my first holiday
Spanish rays - the only that can tan my fair skin
Crumpled photograph of sand sculptures in hand
Euros and admiring tourists surround them
Two travelling spirits trying to pay their way
I wonder where they have ended up
Sea of morbidity overcomes me, indulges me
I hope I am living in ten more years
Lapping up island breezes. Kiwi culture
Endless pure waters, calm cooling clouds
Do they have Mexican food in New Zealand?
Memories of dates with my girlfriend
Scent of fresh oranges at dawn
She's not quite a morning person
Hugs and soft words will help
In the mellow spirit of the New Zealand sun. 
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Our world


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