Snap was all that was heard,
A hunter misses his bird, 
He cursed the twig asunder,
Reaching for his powder and plunger, 
lost though his chance at a partridge,
He continued, Bit off his cartridge,
Persisting to load out of habit,
For an off chance at a squirrel or rabbit,
For frontiersmen of the time, 
Around seventeen sixty-nine,
To hunt, a source for the table,
Vital to keeping life stable,

Snap was all that he heard, 
As townsmen started to surge,
The dragoon’s panic proved loud,
His companions fire on a crowd, 
Old Georgie must have been crazy,
To send over his army and navy,
A plan turning friend into foe,
Just because coffers were low,  

Snap was all that he heard, 
A second penned his last word, 
A flash in the pan from ten paces, 
Blurry now all the faces,
Honor restored from a slight, 
To some a distasteful sight,
As leaders of this land,
After being forced to take a stand,  
Be freed of levied taxation, 
With little or no representation,

Snap was all that was heard, 
To a new flag, power transferred, 
A victory fought with all might,
Which produces a new bill of rights,
One of regulated militia, 
Also a right to bare arms, 
Something to give foreign nations, 
Pause before threatening harm,

Snap was all that was heard, 
A surprise attack occurred,
Sounds of the whip and the reign,
As the thundering cavalry came, 
Slaughter of women and children,
Not thought much of a sin, 
Savages an ironic label,
For a particular color of skin, 
You see, advancement of the gun,
Thats how the west was won,
Remington, Winchester and Colt,
Provided just the jolt, 
For a nation that shall be,
From sea to shining sea,

Snap was all that was heard, 
On testing grounds they observed,
Technologies had diverged,
Military use now blurred,
Allowing one citizen’s arms, 
To cause incalculable harm,
Popping off thousands of rounds, 
Before the sun settles down, 
Hardly on the minds,
Of founders at the time, 
Who would find it totally absurd, 
To rule by literal word,
Now we have fanatics,
Citing militia and right, 
Never adding well regulated,
To their constitutional fight, 
And all conveniently ignored, 
Especially on the floor, 
Where politicians pick and choose, 
Just as long as they don’t lose,
The funds their donor’s spew forth,
Thus never changing course, 
No wonder nothing gets done, 
About limiting the teeth of a gun,

Snap was all the was heard, 
As the students received the word,
Unfortunately there were thirty more, 
Before barricading the door, 
Snap was all he heard, 
As the gunman reached for a third, 
Another clip for his assault,
Begging the innocent come out, 
You see Snap is all that will be heard, 
When one’s limitation has occurred,
Pressure, drugs, an act,
Any and all can snap, 
Of course a law could be rushed,
If partisan positions were flushed,
To eliminate those bared arms,
That produce such catastrophic harm.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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