A Snake in Woman's Skin

Thu, 11/07/2013 - 20:47 -- rauchb2

You talk a great deal about your struggles.
You pin them up like badges of honor
when really you are a coward hiding in the corner
behind those "friends" you deem your pawns.

You say your eyes were meant to see
and that you will not be mistaken for a fool?
To that I say, I have not been mistaken.
You, my dear pessimist, are the foolish of them all.

You say your quiet is not an acceptance.
Please tell me what you are not accepting.
Because your silence tells me of your plots.
It tells me that you are biding your time.

A snake in woman's skin is what I would call you.
Slimy and scaley is that pseudo charisma you wear.
Your disgust and hatred gleams from those brown eyes
and I cannot help but want to yank them from your head.

Try you? Oh, darling, I will.
I will try that lack of patience that you have
and I will try that self restraint you threaten me with.
What do I have to lose?

A friend? You say I have a friend to lose?
Darling, if you thought you are the type to be a friend
You are a fool mistaken, so think again.
You are nothing but a worm slithering in when you can.

I am not afraid of that tongue of yours, or that you are "holding it back"
Let that poor thing free because there is nothing of you that I fear.
There is nothing you could say to hurt me in anyway.
Nothing you could do that hasn't already been done.

I do not wish to restrain you into submission, why try?
You are not worth my magic, nor are you able to see my stars of creation.
Point does your hand to the fool in the room.
It points to the mirror you stand in front of telling me to look in.

You have force? You have will?
The only force you have is the force of destruction.
The only will you have is the will to cause pain.
Well you don't damage or destroy me in anyway, Darling.

I refuse to say sorry because "suicidal" is not up to par.
ESPECIALLY when suicidal has been going on for the last 4 months.
He is the boy who cried wolf and your "mother instincts"
no matter how horrid came to the front of the line.

So take that "suicidal" best friend of yours and shove it.
You are a pathetic waste of human skin.
There is nothing left for you but what you have fucked.
Fucked literally and figuratively is what you are, D.


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