Smiling Naturually


Smiling never came naturally to me

With you it's a whole different story, you probably don't even know my name

But seeing you is making me smile everyday

And when I hear your voice I feel butterflies

Everyday you're not here it's like a part of me is gone, I don't understand how I feel, I don't know if it has a name

All I know is that smiling never came naturally for me

But somehow seeing you makes the butterflies take off and I'm smiling all the time

Cept when you're gone

So please tell me cause I'm so confused what do you call the way I feel whenever I see you?

It doesn't matter if you're near or far...I've tried to say "hi" but I'm too shy

The butterflies get worse and worse, pain so much to bear

Though I don't care and I can't help it

Cause this is how you make me feel

And you're the reason I'm smiling ....Cause with you it just comes naturally 


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