That Smiling Face, This Breaking Heart


Everyday you see me, or maybe you don't.

I sit in your class with my notes ready.

I smile polietly and sometimes greet you.

Maybe you notice me and perhaps even allow yourself to think of how I'm a good student.

You'll never look deeper than that.

No. Most never will.

You can't possibly see or image the life behind the smile.

Tears, pain, broken, torn.

Scars stretched across my stomach that are finally fading,

From my own hand.

Betrayl, hurt, hatred, angry.

The haunted smile of someone who robbed me of my once pure heart.

No. He didnt' even think twice about it.

Smile, Don't show it.

The words that push me past your class,

Yet you never notice how I can't seem to talk up more than a whisper.

Faith, Hope, Love.

The only things I have to pull me through to the future,

A future I intend to change.

Yes. You will never see the past,

But I intend for you and everyone else to see me,

See my future.

See me rise above.

So teacher, I will never blame you for never seeing me more.

But one day, when I am in your shoes, I will look.

I will look at those smiling faces.

I will look deeper.

I will never let a broken heart pass my sight...

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