Thu, 04/09/2015 - 18:59 -- L31gh4

Just want to hear that you've been smiling

doing fine and

not thinking bout me

not been crying

doesn't matter that you walked away

I'm just gonna stay

right here and bide my time

try to breath

and pretend that it's okay that I still love you

And baby i know I act like I don't care

but honestly I need to hear

That you been smiling

I build the walls up high

so you can't look back and see inside

to the part of me that's broken

and I try and try to move on

but I always wind up getting stuck

on the way your eyes light up

when you're smiling

Oh, I hope that you've been smiling

as your burning

up the miles

between the laughing and the lieing

just keep on smiling

doing fine, and

not thinkig about us

not been crying

and know that no matter what I say

I wanted you to stay

so now I just try to breath

between the dreams

of what we could have been

if you'd loved me the way I still love you

Baby, I'm telling you I'll always care

and I'm sorry if I stare

when you're smiling

just keep on smiling. 



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