Las Vegas
United States


By Marc Rubio




she smiled at everyone

everyone else frowned

she told everyone that everything was going to be okay

but we all knew that there was no escape

week after week

visitor after visitor

they all had that same look

only she knew the truth behind the pain

she began to lose what made her a woman

the ability to be confident with her beauty

the patience that made her a mother

everyone else frowned

she smiled

the day came when she couldn’t handle the pain

she made everyone a promise

everything was going to be okay

she laid in the bed

invaded by the beast

she looked for a god

to answer her thoughts

why was it me

why was it now

will they be okay

she looked at her three children

she gave them a wink

told them that it was her time to go

but she will never leave

the children looked puzzled

unsure of what was happening

she told them that god had given her a gift

she told them that god needed her

whispers and tears

prayers and speeches

she laid in the coffin



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