This Small House


United States
40° 4' 10.9344" N, 75° 7' 31.2564" W

This small house,
(do you see?)
was not cramped,
(so you see.)
there could not be,
(see. see. see.)
many things
(you don’t see.)

But there were
many things,
and they didn’t know better
and they sat
and they brushed
against each other, yes
they grew mold
they grew old,
upon one another.

But not the water,
as it flowed
out the faucet
down the drain
(and you wanted
to go with it)
to the sewer
through the streets
up the pipes
out the faucet
(and you wanted
to scream
- but you were drowning
in the sewer
and up the pipes).

So not the water
as it always
to return.
( )


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sad imagery
you deserve to live in a sanitary and safe environment
picture shows and summarizes your thoughts of the poem
great job

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