Slipping Into the Abyss

Depression springs unexpectedly,

Trapping me in its grasp

At unpredictable times.

Suddenly the claws are unsheathed,

Inevitably striking my mind,

Stunning my numb heart,

Paralyzing my body with nothingness

As I am pushed towards

My descent into despair.

Once the everlasting rose,

Now the withering dandelion,

Further slipping into the abyss

Sinking rapidly, violently,

Without a rope to guide me back up

As my pleas for help

Echo off of the cavern walls.

Heard, but not listened to

By the people above me

Neglecting to notice

My desperate cries.

I cannot avoid it,

I am sucked into the void,

A black hole absorbing future

Hopes and dreams as I lose

The very will to inhale, exhale.

Sounds of my own breath surround me,

No one knowing the suffering,

But I would not wish this

On a living soul.

For this soul is not living,

A mere existence plagued

By intense sensibility,

Consumed by a heartless beast.

How dreadful it is to know

That the heartbeats and labored breaths

Are the constant reminders,

The only reminders,

That I am alive at all. 


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