Three o’clock;

A Monday morning

Fingers interlock

Your wrist crossing in the front

I look at you until you notice

And turn my attention as soon as you do

I walk with my head down

A constant simper

Making scenarios in the back of my head

How I would react if your lips moved towards mine?

You ramble on as you always do

Stories that would only happen in movies

I noticed that when you get excited you speak fast

To the point that your words turn into drawn out mumbles

I shake my head as if I know what you’re saying

Your outbursts of laughter make me regret not giving my full attention

We sit on a swinging bench and you put your sculpted bicep around me

Which I promptly removed

You squint your eyes and say I’m crazy and proceed to move closer anyway

On the outside I give you an annoyed look, but really want you to smother me with your body heat

Since I’m actually freezing

We both yawn and rub our fluttering heavy eye lids 

Surprisingly you run out of things to say

So we now sit in silence; which isn’t awkward at all

But I stall the time as much as possible

Because your company is too invigorating to miss out on

My messy curls turn to a frizzy afro from the early morning moisture

Yet you continue to look at me like the most beautiful person you have ever laid eyes on

Five o’clock

Our lips lock

Your head tilts to the right

I look at you until you notice

Keeping my attention on you





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