Sleeping with Ice Shards

I'm in love

In love with an America

That has raised me

so tenderly

who gave me

my innocent childhood,

my love for robots,

my passion to change to world.


And Yet


It seems to me that


only half loved me back.

The other half to greed.

7AP Tests

comes with a requires 700 dollars

for taking advanced courses.

Each college application 60 dollars

Each score to be sent 25 dollars

When I already have to pay 40k a year

to go to a top college 

is messed up.

My chilling stare made no difference

the prices remained the same




Financial aid, 


I wasn't always in the upper middle class.

Our family started from humble beginnings.

But to know that I'm spending a fortune

when my parents do not have enough for retirement

Fills my soul with tears at night

that can only further freeze 

with my gowing cold hatred and guilt 

its sharp edges 

piercing further

into my heart.



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