Slam for Back to School.

I'm not really the best at writing poems about school

I'm better writing about the person I like,

the one I'm probably going to ask to homecoming

but maybe not since I'm scared. 

I'd rather write about the loud, crowded hallways. 

My body unwillingly shoved to either side, 

my music deep into my ears

blocking out rude comments and loud voices. 

I'm down to write about my friends, 

my little groups, my life, my laughter, the way i am around them

Why not write about my enemies?

The way they taunt me, 

all those hours crying in the library, 

rumour after nasty rumour. 

All my caged sadness and pent up rage

i could write about the work. 

About running on three hours of sleep and half a cup of joe. 

About eyes puffy from crying, sleep deprivation, and squinting at textbooks for too long

I could write about the dances. 

Where i put effort into my hair and makeup 

and look pretty

and sometimes I dance

and sometimes I sit alone. 

I could talk about school, 

and everything I hate about it

and everything i love about it. 

But like i said, I'm not really one to write poems about school.

This poem is about: 
My community


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