Skinny and Thin


United States
37° 3' 15.534" N, 88° 41' 29.8752" W

Mirrors and mind contort what I see,
Skinny and thin is what I must be;
86 pounds just isn’t enough,
Starving myself is going to be tough.

Run, sleep, starve, and run,
Being a size zero will be fun;
Models: so thin and so pretty,
I can’t wait to be itty bitty.

My body begins to slow,
But my rib cage is starting to show;
Sacrifice is absolute key,
To be happy with what I see.

Now I’m a zero but that’s still bad,
Maybe if I’m a double zero I’ll be glad;
Mom is making me eat but little does she know,
That after each meal I escape to let it go.

My face begins to hollow and my cheeks sink in,
This is the most beautiful I’ve ever been;
My family weeps when they embrace me,
But skinny and thin is what I must be.

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I couldn't have said it better myself.



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