The Skern

Mon, 11/10/2014 - 23:36 -- BennyB


There was once a time I came out of my shell-

Fully disposed to the endless joy and optimism

The world had to offer.


But like a falling star, I fell-

I fell to the ground of the Earth, then to the

Fiery molten core of the Earth.

It was this pit,

This constricting and suffocating pit,

Where I became exposed to the



It has no decency,

It has no mercy.

It is one gargantuan glob of bitterness,

Cruel in its pursuit to limit-

Limit potential, limit the hopes, and crush the



No longer was progress inevitable, endless-

No longer did I see the

Light in my days.

For there was no light-

Only darkness now existed in the

Lying, disillusioned world of

Complete corruption.


In the Skern I am to stay,

In the Skern I will remain, until the

Fleeting light of optimism, until the

Fleeting light of illusionment

At long last



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