Six Inches

10am, down the first glass
Drink off a half-remembered past
Dream-dappled sleep can't shake
What memories were supposed to make
Me drown in six inches of water. 
Noontime high,
Thirst is dry
Fill up a cup
With lemonade and whiskey. 
Hope it burns,
Sweet and slow,
Drowning in six inches of water. 
4 O'clock sun,
Water drops run
Swiftly down the side
Of a thrifty beer
Bought last Saturday night. 
Sweat condenses in a kaleidoscopic ring
Upon the table, dripping and 
Drowning in six inches of water. 
6PM comes, and goes out with the trash,
Smashed on the side of the drive. 
Truck filled up
With empty cups
And cans to make it shine. 
One foot over, 
A grimy shoulder 
Snaps and turns to pleasure,
Drowning in six inches of water. 
By nine, the hour's glass
Has shattered fast
And feels it closing in. 
The broken locks 
And hungry clocks
Just waiting for an end. 
Finally answered by choking sounds,
Drowning in six inches of water. 



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