Sitting Alone


I sit alone waiting for you. I sit alone, my thoughts beginning to brew. It's been a long week, you and I have had it out. Oh, what a week filled with so much doubt. As you yell, I begin to cry. As you criticize, my heart begins to sigh. Nearly conjoined, we used to be. Us against the world, just you and me. My teacher, my role model. My mother, my very own idol. You used to hold me close and sing. And to you, much happiness I would bring. But as I've learned and the days have gone on. It only takes one person to make perfection turn terribly wrong. God forbid I found love and God forbid you gave up. And as for my accomplishments, you never showed up. You left me stranded from love and hope. You left me broken, alone, learning to cope. I try and try again to make things for us right. But time and time again, you find new reason to gripe. You used to tell me that you would always be there. But as I'm slowly seeing, you have found now that you don't care. Despite you leaving me alone in the crowd, I still keep trying. I just want you to be proud. So I thought I found the answer, one that would settle. For you to meet me here and remove the flames from the kettle. But it's been three hours, you've obviously found a new need for this time. So I sit here, making up a rhyme. I sit here alone on this lonley bench. And as for my mother, she's trapped in a trench.

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This poem was a very emotional poem for me, as it is a very real and still very raw situation occuring in my life. Writing this has helped me vent part of what I'm feeling and has made me feel slightly better about the whole situation. Hopefully, I can continue this work and eventually diffuse the tension between myself and this person who was once my world.

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