The Sip of Coffee

She wakes up in the morning

She pours a cup of coffee

            She thinks:

            What is it to be Free?

            What is it to be an American?

            Do we take our Freedom for Granted?


In America – Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

            We are Free to be who we want

            We are Free to be who we are

            We don’t have to Hide – We don’t have to Fear


That sounds good, she thinks

            She takes a sip of coffee

The sunlight gleaming in through the windows…

GLORY – She thinks – It is Glorious to be an American

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Choice of Government

            One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All


She takes another sip of coffee, Pondering the thoughts going through her head

            Do we take our Freedom for Granted?

(The big question… People almost always forget to mention)


            I believe many people take our Freedom

            Our rights as Americans for Granted

                        But why?

I think many people are so used to the Freedom we have,

            They Forget the Bondage many other People in the other Nations do have.

We wake up in the morning and we aren’t Persecuted for our Religion – We are Free to Worship God in the way we believe to be right.

We aren’t Persecuted for the color of our skin – We have many nationalities in our nation.

We aren’t Persecuted for our individual beliefs.

We are Americans and we must recognize how great it is to be… American.


She takes another sip of coffee

She looks out the window

She sees the trees softly blowing in the wind

She sees the birds flitting from branch to branch

            She is proud to be an American

            She is blessed she was raised in such a country

            She is blessed she has the freedom to pursue her dreams

She thinks:

            I am so blessed I live in America.


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