Single Mother


United States

What have I done?

A new life?  How can I care for it?

 I’m not strong enough.  I’m so young.

I made the mistake.


I did it! My graduation day! I don’t care if no one cares! I did it!

Wait a minute! She cares! Her mom made it through high school!

I made it!

College? I need to work.  How will I feed her?  No one else cares.

I can’t go to school any more. She won’t be proud. I won’t be proud.

I have to work. For her.  She needs me.


What? It’s happening again?

 I’m all alone. 

Another small life!

It’s all over!


NO! I have to do something! I have to stand up and fight!

For them.

They are my life! They are my motivation!


College? Yes! I will go to college, I will pursue a career.

They will be proud.

I will make it again! This time, it will be awesome!


They brought hope! They brought light!

They are my life!

They are awesome!

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